Racial Justice In Ohio

What we are fighting for…

Arrest, indict, convict killer cops

We need policies that hold police accountable for their actions! We need independent investigations and independent prosecutors in cases where excessive or lethal force is used. We need an end to police policing themselves. We need local FOP, chiefs, and local officials to move this forward.

End mass incarceration

We need an end to unfair sentencing and an end to intimidation tactics forcing plea deals on the innocent. We need safety initiatives that benefit our communities rather than destroy them.

Stop the school to prison pipeline

We need restorative justice practiced in our educational systems and the prevention of Black youth being criminalized and dehumanized.

Responsible development; not gentrification

We need affordable housing and safe communities, without displacing black and poor community members. We need local city councils to move this forward.

Equal access to healthy food in all neighborhoods

We need all communities to have access to healthy and affordable food and public transportation to build access.

Investment in public programs and services

We need investment in programs and services that help heal and strengthen the community.